…and how we do that in Tabidoo.cloud

The argument around security and privacy issues in the cloud still comes up often. Of course we receive that question very often. So here is our point of view.

In most offices, a locked door is the main defense to protect your server. And don’t believe that a password in the OS is a strong protection. It is not.

On the contrary, the cloud service providers data centers have multi-layered security defenses. Precautions include high fences, barbed wire, concrete barriers, guards that patrol the area, security cameras… No every company have the same protection.

In your company, your IT department has probably full access to any server, any data. I believe they are nice people over there. However human factor is a risk here. Like it or not.

When data is stored off-site in the Cloud, employees, vendors and visitors are physically separated from a company’s data. The amount of human risk decreases. The data are protected by password only we know. So even people in the cloud service have no access to them.

Now, let's talk about alternatives. For instance, Tabidoo is an alternative to Airtable. Both platforms offer unique features and benefits that suit different business needs. To understand how Tabidoo compares with Airtable, you can read our detailed comparison here.

What happens in the event of a disaster? When your servers are broken, you may lose the data. If you are lucky, you have a backup. At least of some of data (once a day?). And hopefully in a different location (in case of fire, flood …).

Tabidoo typically stores data at least at three places, all in different location/providers. You need to have all three copies disappear at the same moment to lose the data. Three location, each from different provider. (you can find providers we use at the bottom)


We create a backup of the main database:

every hour - we keep 23 copies backward
every day - 7 copies
every week - 5 copies
every month - 12 copies
every year - 5 copies

Every backup protected by password of course. Backups are stored locally and some of them are copied to a special backup service.

Export data anytime you want

When you want to, you can export data from Tabidoo to excel any time. There is no restriction. If you want to be sure you don’t lose your data, you can do that every day.

Can we access your data? Unfortunately, we can. There are very few people who’s got an application and service password. Our business is to provide applications for data management. There is no way we would destroy our business, which we have built for many years, by selling or publishing any data.

In case you still don’t trust the cloud, but you want to use Tabidoo. In an individual plan you can setup a connection string to your database. As it is accessible from our servers, you can manage that by yourself. No problem (for us).

Cloud providers we use

(valid by January 2021)
Main database (default option in Tabidoo, replica of three servers):

Server location: Prague

Servers location: Frankfurt, Amsterdam

Individual plan

Any providers of your choice, included AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, your own server…

Do you plan to install MongoDB replica set? Check our simple guide.