Few months ago I started to work for a huge company. That’s not like us. This is a worldwide well known company. They use a software for internal communication, a service for source code, and many others — all of them in a free version.

I have to say — I was really surprised. Why — the company as this one — doesn’t use the paid version. Without all of this private /public restrictions? Without the incredibly small limit of messages. Than I looked at the pricing of these services. And I found a very interesting fact. Nearly all of them charged for number of users. Even if you have no traffic, no data, they charge you just for the fact, that you are a big company.

Tabidoo's User-Friendly Pricing Model

Tabidoo is different. Users are for free. Just the fact someone exists doesn’t cost us anything. We like our users. We are happy for every new person. Of course, we have to pay for good and trustful hosting. We need to pay some people to do the job. However than we will charge big data. Some custom requirements. I wish we never charge companies according to the number of users.