In today's digital age, efficient digital organization tools are essential for any business to succeed. With the growing amount of data generated every day, managing and analyzing that data can become overwhelming without the right tools. However, if you work in a field where you do not necessarily need an elaborate system that needs a lot of custom solutions, which of course require a team of professional programmers, which means you would sink unnecessary number of finances for a project with ton of functions that will never be used, you might just need what Tabidoo offers. That is a low-code platform.

Tabidoo low-code platform


Low-code platform grants you as a user an incredible opportunity, to become the lead designer of a custom digital solution for your company, without requiring from you any programming experience whatsoever. You basically just enter your business data into the Tabidoo platform and with the help of the user-friendly interface create a custom solution to your specific needs. Tabidoo will help you with every step that is required in setting the correct digital organization tools, but you can also use already created templates that might help you even more in streamlining your workflow.

Enterprise applications made easy

All the difficult programming is being done in the background while the user is working just with the user-friendly interface. For example, Czech pharmacy chain Dr. Max, thanks to Tabidoo’s outstanding integration capabilities, manages ecom processes – order flow. Tabidoo serves as a bridge between Ecom world and Pharmaceutical ERP and displays latest data from both of them at one place.  The best thing is that all the solutions can be integrated into the company’s own current system, be it through API integration, or if in the past you might have used a different cloud-based database, you can also enjoy integration with Google Sheets and other external applications.

CRM systems are probably the number one reason why companies decide to try Tabidoo. As the companies do not necessarily need all of the functions that standard CRMs offer, the Tabidoo helps them define which function they need and focus on it. So, you can start with just a simple spreadsheet, with a list of your customers, history of sales, when was the last time you contacted the customers and when you should contact them next. And after some time, you might decide to upgrade your system with something like notifications, contract overview or customer ratings. No matter what you decide to add or to remove, you can do all that by just a few simple clicks in the Tabidoo platform.

What’s new in April?

This month we have launched our latest changes. With a fresh new design, users can enjoy a more modern and streamlined experience. But that's not all - the update also includes significant improvements to the speed and performance of key features such as workflows, calculated fields, and API bulk data insertion and deletion.

Calculated fields

One of the most exciting additions to the latest version of Tabidoo is the pre-prepared features of calculated fields. With options for mathematical, text, and date fields, users will no longer need to deal with complex JavaScripts. This enhancement makes it easier than ever to create and manage your data, saving time and effort in the process.

Color me impressed

Another standout feature is the ability to customize conditional formatting and drop-down stickers with any color you choose. By simply entering a hex code, you can tailor the visual side of your database to your liking. This new feature adds a level of personalization and flexibility that many users will appreciate.

In conclusion, the latest changes to Tabidoo offer significant improvements in speed and performance, along with exciting new features that make it easier than ever to manage your data. With a fresh new design and powerful tools for customization and automation, Tabidoo is sure to continue to be a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.