The biggest change in Tabidoo this month is definitely the introduction of the new price list from 1.12.2022. What new features will the price list bring? How will the changes affect existing customers? Come read our interview with our CSO Adam Bárta, who will tell you more about the subscription changes.

Adam, why is Tabidoo changing the price?
Tabidoo has come a tremendous way in the last 5 years, and that's mostly thanks to our customers. Without our customers, Tabidoo would not have become a key and indispensable tool in the day-to-day management of many businesses.
For this, our customers deserve a big thank you. This fact is both a motivation and a commitment for us to push Tabidoo continuously forward. That's why we are constantly improving the platform so that you can, for example, use new data types, modify entry forms or get rid of routine tasks by using the workflow automation function.

How will the changes affect our customers?
For our existing customers, there are basically no changes. If they are already using one of Tabidoo's paid plans such as Optimal, Large, Enterprise or Individual, we have positive news for them where we are introducing a guarantee of subscription immutability for 2 years from the first purchase.

So who is affected by the fixation?
If a customer is using Tabidoo today on the Free plan or planning to upgrade to a higher plan, they have a unique opportunity to lock in their price for the next 2 years until the end of the month. The changes therefore only apply to new customers.

Does the new price list bring other new features?
Yes, for example, we are unifying the names of the price plans. We are publicly releasing the Enterprise price plan, which will now be referred to as Pro. With this plan, there are no restrictions on your work and it includes the option to run Tabidoo on your own domain or subdomain and we are increasing its storage to 50 GB. The new feature is the workflow limit built into all pricing plans. Individual plans will differ from each other by the number of workflow operations run per day.

Do you want to say something in conclusion?
I believe that the change in pricing policy reflects the evolution of our product and our customer satisfaction remains our first priority, which is one of our company values. Therefore, I think the introduction of the new pricing policy will not be a significant setback for customers and they will look forward to the new features we will introduce in the coming months.

You can find the new price list here.