Introducing the key players

Make is a well known and powerful cloud-based application for “gluing” IT systems together using their APIs.

Tabidoo can be thought of as a cloud-based database with all data available via REST-API. It allows its users to either design new applications from scratch, or start with one of many premade templates. Just like with Make, no coding skills are required — everything can be done inside the graphical user interface. This plus Tabidoo’s robust API support makes it the perfect partner for Make!

So when you pair Make’s integration and automation with Tabidoo’s ease of use and ultimate customizability, you’re left with a powerful combination that can satisfy the full range of any customer’s needs.

What this power couple can do for you

Take the Covid-19 situation as an example: with almost no warning, pretty much every restaurant was forced to close down. Some of them were able to adapt to new situations and they quickly shifted their business model to focus on food delivery, but their IT system wasn’t designed for that. So they had to process their orders by hand (yes, this is actually still possible!), but obviously this isn’t the most efficient or reliable way to do business. Let’s take a look at how I+T could bring this restaurant back to the modern age:

  • Within minutes, create a new interface in Tabidoo that includes:
    • Customer (name, surname, address, phone number)
    • Driver (name, surname, phone number)
    • Order (food name, price, status)
    • Automatically link the Order to both the Customer and the Driver
  • Then couple all this with a few quick scenarios in Make:
    • When new Order is created, send an SMS to the chef to begin cooking
    • When the Order is prepared, send an SMS to first available Driver
    • When the Order is passed to the Driver, send an SMS to the Customer

And that’s it! In less than an hour this restaurant went from pen-and-paper to an automated workflow. When they have a bit more time, they can add even more features such as calculating the drivers’ fee at the end of shift, automatically transferring the payment to their bank account, and so on.

Now compare this to a traditional software development cycle. Once you realize your systems should be changed, then you need to find a reliable developer, next you have to explain to them what you need done, then you will probably need to pay some kind of deposit… it goes on and on, costing you both time and money. And as everyone reading this should already know by now, I+T is quicker and cheaper than traditional development.

So if you’re ready to take advantage of the integration wizardry of Make combined with the incredible flexibility of Tabidoo,
you can check them out for free! In business, you never know what might happen. But in the world of I+T, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt to whatever challenges come your way!