At the beginning – there was an requirement.

As usually – friend of us needed a simple application. Just add a place and time for meeting. So anyone can see that and add a note. There are many of system like that. However when you want to add a required field as a motorbike brand … There are none.

And no time after that, our coworker needed a simple system for t-shirt. She had a web presentation. However, it was quite complicated to edit html for her. She wanted a simple page for adding a t-shirt, few pictures and category.

As these requirements were coming – more and more of them, we started to look for some kind of DIY system for creating these applications. Some of them were sufficient, some of them very “simple”. Some of them really expensive. We didn’t find anything to recommend.

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Application without any programming skills?

Well. What about creating our own system. Anytime, someone need to create a simple application, we will just define it in our system. And we will give it to the world. Application without any programming skills? No problem.

Great idea. So we have started to create the Tabidoo.