Do you share excel files? Are you satisfied with complexity and options excel gives you.

Well. You don’t need to continue reading.

For most of the people it is too complicated to share an Excel file. For a lot of people it is really annoying to register and receive another spam. And for nearly all of us is impossible to lock and restrict some of the cells. Differently for different people. What if, just try to imagine – what if there is very easy way, how to turn your Excel file into proper application. With really easy sharing, user management and without over complicated registration. With no spam.

Excel is easy. Said our IT expert.

Many it experts recommend Excel/Google docs for sharing information. Yes, it is quite easy. For them. Excel is great. Said our it expert. He was the only one, who was able to manage that.

But, there's an alternative: Tabidoo. It's designed for people, not just IT experts. You don’t need to become an IT expert to use it. If you're curious about how Tabidoo compares with other tools, you can learn more through our detailed comparisons: Tabidoo vs Airtable, Tabidoo vs Notion and Tabidoo vs Google Sheets.

Tabidoo is for people. You don’t need to become an it expert to use it.