This is the simplest thing you can do with Tabidoo. Organizing tasks in a way that suits your needs.
Let’s go through your daily Todo list, there are some routine tasks like – walking with the dog, washing the dishes, shopping, then you must take care of some non-routine things: payments, birthdays, car registration, holiday, organizations etc.

Your daily routine are routines that you are directly responsible for. However, once you go on holiday, business trip, or unavailable for a reason, someone else must be responsible for these tasks.

The main entity is Tasks. The task is defined by a subject (Walking with the dog), Due time (the walking should be finished before midnight), Responsible (someone, who is willing to talk to the dog).

Also, it is necessary to know the group of people that can be assigned these tasks – let’s call this entity Responsible.

And we are almost done – the last thing to set is the relation between Responsible and Tasks.

Can I collaborate with others on tasks using Tabidoo's todo list feature?

Yes, Tabidoo's todo list feature supports collaboration. You can assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and receive notifications, enabling efficient teamwork and ensuring everyone stays aligned.

Can I customize my todo list in Tabidoo according to my workflow?

Absolutely! Tabidoo allows you to customize your todo list by categorizing tasks, setting priorities, attaching documents or notes, and organizing tasks into different lists or sections. Tailor it to align with your specific workflow.

Does Tabidoo offer reminders or notifications for upcoming tasks?

Yes, Tabidoo provides notifications or reminders for upcoming tasks. You can receive alerts to help you stay on track and meet your deadlines.

Can I track my task completion progress in Tabidoo's todo list?

Certainly! Tabidoo's todo list allows you to mark tasks as done, providing a visual representation of your progress and accomplishments. You can easily track your task completion and stay motivated.

Is Tabidoo's todo list feature available for both personal and team use?

Yes, Tabidoo's todo list feature caters to both personal and team use. It offers a comprehensive task management solution for individuals and promotes efficient collaboration among team members.